A Quiet Day for Me, A Busy Day for the Plaza

Things are getting more and more organized at an incredibly fast clip. I’m considering moving myself from information desk duties soon to help establish a group giving guided tours with lots of local color in the immediate area of the square. In the time since I last blogged the leader of the Wall Street area’s community board, a friend of Abbie Hoffman back in the day, gave us his glowing support, and even the Burger King has softened up. People are realizing, 13 days in, that this is here to stay. Again the daytime numbers just kept getting bigger. Saturday’s march, meeting at 3pm in the square, is going to be massive. Look for it in the news.

That also extends to people like myself who have been working ridiculous (though never less than delightful) hours working on it, who now realize we can’t keep pulling all-nighters if this is going to be going on for a month (months?). I took yesterday as a quiet day, going with Alexander (a lawyer whose international travels have left his voice in a permanent hover state between 7 different accents) to a screening of some movie about a hip hop tour in Palestine. Though the film unfortunately displayed an overly close stylistic kinship to MTV reality programming (talking head interviews in front of some dynamic, diagonal wall or background, repetition of mundane events in the visual and the vocal track, unfocused diary feel), the conditions the film showed were deplorable.

We then took a long walk, each with a big bottle of Presidente through Harlem. Alex is fairly convinced the only options are “violent revolution or we all starve.”

“It used to be when I was a kid the door would open, you know what I mean? You had to kick the shit out of it, but it would open. Now it won’t.”

He told me about a conversation he’d had with GG Allin’s band after a GG concert at SUNY Purchase 20 years ago. “They said he’s an alright guy to tour with so long as you go to sleep after him and wake up before he does. Otherwise god knows what would happen to you. They were really clean cut guys for being GG Allin’s band.”

He walked me to the 96th street subway station where I met a man who claimed he was a career panhandler. He fell in love with my hat and offered me $120 for it before explaining the necessity of always keeping wrapped deli meat in your cargo pants pocket (not a sex thing, he had it and whipped it out, bologna, with American cheese singles nearby.)

I had a conversation at the info desk with some fellow WBAI junkies. If anyone knows the guy who does the late night show “Weaponry”, I am the biggest fan of his show. Please send him out here!

On an obscurely related note, one of the other protesters crashed at my apartment night before last, and I introduced him to the joys of Steve Gerber’s Howard the Duck. Special thanks to Laura, god amongst roommates, for being so cool with waking up to a random guy sleeping in our living room.

More updates tomorrow, yesterday was a bit slow.

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