An Introduction to This Blog

I used to write film reviews for a site called Procrast-Nation. Some of the early ones are laughably bad and pigheaded, but as time went on and the drudgery of writing these things on a semi-daily basis forced me, out of shame, to abandon many of the lazy conversational tones and repetitions I would rely on. Too many interjections, too many repetitions, dogmas repeated endlessly and without fruit.

Anyhow, I have the opportunity to watch a good number of first run movies this summer, and would like to test my capacity for writing at the speed of cinema. There will be backward focused posts as well, but seeing how much of the great cinema of the past continues to be misunderstood and obscured by lazy sentimental writing, I don’t foresee this being a problem.

The reviews will focus on various movements and types of film. I may even throw in some discussions of literature or music to class up the place. Aren’t you lucky!

Let’s begin shall we?

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